Department of Chemistry Department

There is no doubt that chemistry is a branch of natural science, which concern with chemicals and their properties and industrial uses. Departments curriculums are carefully designed in order to coping with the international developments and the graduate is able to meet the challenges. Department contributing in the teaching of Chemistry to other departments. Department has considerable number of teaching staff , technicians, laboratories assistance, about twenty students was accepted at the beginning of 2014 as first batch from different parts of Sudan.

  1. 1- Meeting the needs of the labour market by preparing national cadres who are well trained in the field of Chemistry.
  2. 2- Disseminating the culture of higher education and increasing the level of motivation for learning and spreading the spirit of scientific research among students.


"The achievement of scientific excellence in the field of chemistry and community participation"

Department of Chemistry


"Department of Chemistry is on the working to prepare outstanding academic cadres of high quality to meet the labor market needs through educational and research environment"

Department of Chemistry

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