Department of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology Department

Molecular biology is a science that conducts studies about biology at the molecular level, therefore, it intervenes with the both biology and chemistry in several branches and intersects with biochemistry and genetics in several molecules and disciplines. It is also interested in studying the different relationships between all cellular systems, especially the relationship between nucleic acids and the process of protein synthesis and the mechanisms of organizing this process and various other vital processes. Biotechnology is an applied science that aims to find, develop and use multiple biological and molecular techniques to make desired genetic changes.The Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology presents a number of undergraduate courses that cover the requirements of students' graduation for a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

  1. : Creating an environment conductive of high quality research. 1. Enhance the core research facilities to meet the need of the researchers in different discipline of biochemistry. 2. Balancing the research pyramid in the department by recruiting qualified graduate students, research assistants and technicians. 3. Collaborate with internationally renowned scientists and/or research centers. 4. Attract high caliber students
  2. : Achieving high academic educational quality. 1. Establishing biochemistry curriculum comparable to internationally renowned institutions. 2. Broaden and diversify the areas of expertise of faculty members. 3. Continually update the program to meet the need of the labor market. 4. Achieving accreditation for our program.
  3. : Building a strong relationship with the community. 1. Providing support and solution to the national community. 2. Leverage the awareness of biochemistry discipline within the community. 3. Engaging in serving the scientific community.
  4. Provide healthy administrative work status within the biochemistry department 1. Maintaining high skills of cooperation with other organizations. 2. Supporting activities within the biochemistry Department.


"change the basic concepts of the life sciences through our students, environment and understanding of life at the molecular level."

Department of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology


"Develop and enhance conservation of optimum academic environment to prepare professional graduates in the field of biochemistry."

Department of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology

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