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The Department of mathematics is one of seven departments in the Faculty of science. The degree of this department is exceptional in mathematics since the majority of the courses are comperhensive courses in mathematics. This qualifies the graduates immediately for their M.Sc. and ph. D.degrees.

  1. 1- Field of Mathematics. 2- Developing the abilities of student to build mathematical models, in order to use them in planning and decision-making. 3- Training the student on the basics of research work and the use of mathematical packages. 4- Achieving the University's policy of academic expansion through the addition and development of a new curriculum which is specializing in mathematics. 5- Providing the community with qualified persons who are specialized in mathematics. 6- Preparing an undergraduate student to connect the theoretical and applied aspects in the fields of mathematics.
  2. 7- Preserving the competence of the B.Sc. degree in mathematics locally, regionally and internationally. 8- Developing of mathematics and its fields of use and how to benefit from it in supporting decisions in various developmental fields and in the service of society and the labour market. 9- Contributing in the development of the mechanism of teaching mathematics and to develop ways of linking the theoretical and applied aspects. 10- Teaching student how to build mathematical models and making simulations of them. 11- Teaching students how to handle with the modern and emerging problems in proportion to mathematical sciences.
  3. To preserve the competence of the B.Sc. degree in mathematics locally and abroad . Establishing ways and means of the practical applications of the subjects . Extending and improving applications of mathematics in the various aspects of development which serves the community and meets the demands for jobs .Improving the methods and means of teaching mathematics .Training the students how to make mathematical models and simulations and how to handle new challenges mathematically.


"Introducing a modern, coherent and comperhensive curriculum which is competent locally and internationally .Moreover it is hoped that it contributes effectively to the development and progress of education generally. The contents of the curriculum are aimed at removing the reluctance of the students to the subject of mathematics .As an outcome of the curriculum we look forward for highly qualified B.Sc graduates who can compete for postgraduate studies and research internationally. Moreover we hope that some of the graduates can establish new areas of contribution of mathematics into other fields."

Department of Mathematics


" Qualifying the students for B.Sc and postgraduate studies . Developing the capabilities of the students in deriving mathematical models and how to use them in planning and decision making.Providingthe students with basics of research work .Achieving the universitie's policy of academic distinction through a modern and comperhensive B.Sc. mathematics curriculum .Providing the community with well qualified graduates .Qualifying the graduate for achieving the benefits of the practical application of his theoretical knowledge."

Department of Mathematics

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