Department of Physics & Astronomy Department

The Physics science considers as one of the basic sciences and represents the base in the comprehensive development and renaissance of the human community, whereas the Astronomy is an important science related to other sciences such as the cosmic and space sciences. The Quran and Islam inform us about the phenomenon of the Physics and Astronomy. That means the two sciences are important therefore, a mission and objectives must be done. The theoretical and empirical research of the Physics and Astronomy sciences is important compared to other sciences. This is due to the fact that two sciences are considered as a source of other specializations. Accordingly, the establishment of the department of the Physics and Astronomy is a necessity for the needs of the renaissance and development in the modern life and for the nation service within the community of the university and the surrounding area.


"The department of Physics and Astronomy must be recognized locally and universally (globally) because it is considered as one of the important fields of science which strives to attain high levels of excellence."

Department of Physics & Astronomy


" The department curriculum intends to: 1- Quaffing the B. Sc graduate and providing him the knowledge in the field of Physics and Astronomy. 2- Enhancement the student capabilities and skills in the field of the self learning. 3- Improving the student capacities and skills in the fields of the planning and implementation of the scientific research. 4- Keeping in line with modern technology and recent development. 5- Strict adherence of the graduate with the values and moral attitudes."

Department of Physics & Astronomy

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