earth sciences Department

The department of Earth Sciences was established in 2010 beside other six departments in the Faculty of Science to award the Bachelor Degree (five years) in Earth Sciences in two specializations: Minerals Wealth and Applied Geophysics. The study and lectures in the department for B.SC students will be start in October 2017.

  1. Quaffing B. Sc graduate morally and professionally and providing him the knowledge in the field of Earth Sciences.
  2. Improving the student capacities and skills in the fields of the planning and implementation of the scientific research.
  3. Qualifying specialists in field of teaching, scientific research and exploration of the petroleum, minerals and groundwater.
  4. Increasing the basic and applied scientific research of Earth Sciences field for the community benefit.
  5. Keeping in line with modern technology and recent development.
  6. Contribution in community service through the applied projects, training, and consultants.


"To attain the highest levels of excellence in scientific research, teaching and community service in the field of Earth Sciences."

earth sciences


"The contribution in the economic and social development in the Sudanese community through the use of the natural recourses such as petroleum, minerals and groundwater which depend on field techniques used in the explorations of Earth Sciences field."

earth sciences

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