Department of Chemistry

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There is no doubt that chemistry is a branch of natural science, which concern with chemicals and their properties and industrial uses. Departments curriculums are carefully designed in order to coping with the international developments and the graduate is able to meet the challenges. Department contributing in the teaching of Chemistry to other

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is a science that conducts studies about biology at the molecular level, therefore, it intervenes with the both biology and chemistry in several branches and intersects with biochemistry and genetics in several molecules and disciplines. It is also interested in studying the different relationships between all cellular systems, es


Botany and Microbiology is a branch of natural science which basically concerned with the qualities of plants, their origin, their evolution, their apparent composition, the internal structure of their tissues, their functions, and their relation to the surrounding environment.It also concerned with the economic importance of plants, as well as met


Department of Mathematics

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The Department of mathematics is one of seven departments in the Faculty of science. The degree of this department is exceptional in mathematics since the majority of the courses are comperhensive courses in mathematics. This qualifies the graduates immediately for their M.Sc. and ph. D.degrees.


Department of Physics & Astronomy

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The Physics science considers as one of the basic sciences and represents the base in the comprehensive development and renaissance of the human community, whereas the Astronomy is an important science related to other sciences such as the cosmic and space sciences. The Quran and Islam inform us about the phenomenon of the Physics and Astronomy. Th

Mineral wealth
Applied Geophysics

earth sciences

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The department of Earth Sciences was established in 2010 beside other six departments in the Faculty of Science to award the Bachelor Degree (five years) in Earth Sciences in two specializations: Minerals Wealth and Applied Geophysics. The study and lectures in the department for B.SC students will be start in October 2017.


Department of Zoology

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The department of Zoology offers degree for students in scientific study of animals. Zoology concerned with study of animals and their habitats, ethology, behavior, morphology, anatomy, physiology, genetics and molecular biology. The department will establish a small Zoology museum to represent biodiversity in Sudan beside study the classific


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