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The Faculty of Science is considered as the most important faculty within all universities in the worldwide that is because of the importance of the basic science for all applied university faculties, such as the Faculties of Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Agriculture, and VeterinaryMedicine, for the significant role that the faculty plays in solving agricultural, industrial, and environmental problems. Basically, the Faculties of Sciences are concerned to study the basic sciences, for instance; the science of life, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, with the practical proof in solving many problems that encounter humankind.It has been noticed that, at the end of the 20th century, and the beginning of the 21st century, enormous developments occurred in the fields of the usage of the basic sciences, for example; the sciences of physics, astronomy, and computer have been developed with their practical applications in the public life, particularly, the sciences of computer and its applications especially in information technology. The importance of computer has been increased in all the domains of life, and its applications have been broadened over all aspects.The sciences of biology and biochemistry have been developed, the centres and departments that concerned with the bio-technology in the faculties of sciences have been increased.Whereas the mathematics has successfully used in the sciences of physics and in other different scopes, such as economics and the science of biology.The need for higher education in various specializations related to the science of earth, has been unleashed,due to keeping in line with the new developments in the fields of plant-geology and remote sensing, the mineral riches and rocks, physical geology, water geology, petroleum geology, and geographic information systems, and the impact of all these on the environment.The Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Gezira is one among other four faculties that the university started with since 1975, in order to weld the basic sciences with the technology, and to prepare the distinguished technological graduate, and to contribute in teaching the basic sciences in all applied university faculties. However, in 1999, the name of the faculty has been changed into the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, which resulted in establishing departments which concerned in providing teaching of the basic sciences in the most faculties of health sector, agricultural, engineering and applied sciences. Therefore, the Administration of the Universityconsidered the importance of establishing the Faculty of Science to help in the compilation of basic sciences in one faculty, the former Vice Chancellor, formed a committeefor the establishment of the Faculty of Science, and the committee presented its vision for establishing the faculty and which approved by the Council of Deans.In 2010, the former Vice Chancellor of the University, worked on establishing the Faculty.The committee presented an integrated study on the faculty to the Scientific Committee which discussed and modified it, and then developed a basic system for it,and presented the proposal for the establishment of the Faculty, based on the meeting of the Council of Teachers No. (185) on 21 March 2010,eventually it has been approved, and the current Vice Chancellor of the University confirmed the continuity of the facultyto develop the curricula for the departments of the Faculty of Science.After the preparation of the curricula, it was approved at a workshop which held on August 21, 2013. It was then presented to the Scientific Committee, which has established sub-committees to review it.


Fulfilling the excellence by providing advanced educational programs and courses in the undergraduate and postgraduate studies and scientific research in the fields of Basic Sciences and their applications, as a service for the needs of the community.


The Faculty is committed to provide professional programs that meet the national and regional needs, and to provide the students with the required knowledge and specialized training to join the market of labor efficiently, or to the graduate studies successfully.The Faculty is also working hard to develop and modernize its programs to meet the changing of needs of the community and stakeholders.The Faculty also promotes basic and applied researches which could be added to the scientific progress, and to improving the independence of natural resources and could led to increase national production. Therefore, the Faculty works to establish close links with the local and regional industrial sector,institutions of public serviceand environmental protection associations to raise the social and economic level of Sudanese citizens.In all areas of activities, the Faculty is committed to provide high academic standards, innovation, moral values and equal opportunities for all students and teaching staff.

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