In a wide range, the work in the Deanship of the Faculty, depends on academic and administrative work, including joint work which leads to the improvement of work in its final outputs. The Dean is the first responsible, academically and administratively, for the administration of the university, which represented by the Vice Chancellor, his Deputy and the Principal. The Dean depends on his academic and administrative decisions on the committees and academic and administrative units within the Faculty.

Council of the Faculty

The meeting was held on Sunday 28/02/2016 at the Dean's office at 11:00 am.


Mr. Vice Chancellor Chairman
Mr. Dean of Scientific Affairs Member
Mr. Dean of Faculty of Science Alternate Chairman
Mr. (Representative) of Dean of Postgraduate and Scientific Research Member
Mr. Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Member
Mr. Dean of Faculty of Science and Forest Technology Member
Mr. Dean of Faculty of Law Member
Mr. Deputy Dean of Faculty of Science Member
Mr. Prof. Awad Mohammed abd elrahim Member
Mr. Prof. Adel Nasr al-Deen Babiker Member
Mr. Dr. Zahir Abbas Helmi Member
Mr. Dr. Mae Abdallah Ali Member
Mr. Ali Mohammad Salim Jifilah (Abuharraz Area Representative) Member
Mr. Yousef Mohammad Noor-al-Jalil (Technicians’ Representative) Member
Mr. Ahmed Osman Mansour Member
Mr. Examinations and Registration Officer Member

Heads of Departments Council

The meeting was held onSunday, 24th of July 2016, at the Dean’s Office, at 11:00 am.


Faculty Dean
Deputy Dean and the Head of Chemistry Department
Prof. Awad Mohammed Abdel-Rahim Head of Department of Botany and Microbiology
Head of Mathematics Department
Head of Earth Sciences Department
Dr. Yaser Mohammed Abdel-Rahim Head of Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Registration and Examinations Officer
Uz. Ahmed Osman Mansour Students’ Supervisor

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